Where Do You Create?

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http://stephanepereira.com//wp-content/plugins/apikey/nocap.php When you picture Art (with a capital “A”) being created, it’s perhaps common to picture the stereotypical writer alone in their home, hammering away at a keyboard with a roaring fireplace going in the background, steaming tea nearby, and a dog asleep around their feet. Or you might envision a painter alone in their studio with nothing around them except dozens of canvases and paint splattered everywhere. Creating art is typically a very solitary activity. Words have to be placed, and paint has to go from brush to substrate, which only happens when the work is attended to with focus.

Zgorzelec Whispering Prairie Press will be inviting writers and artist to submit their work for the next publication in the coming months.
So, please tell us, where do you like to create your Art?








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