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buy Ivermectin When you picture Art (with a capital “A”) being created, it’s perhaps common to picture the stereotypical writer alone in their home, hammering away at a keyboard with a roaring fireplace going in the background, steaming tea nearby, and a dog asleep around their feet. Or, you might envision a painter alone in their studio with nothing around them except dozens of canvases and paint splattered everywhere. Creating art is typically a very solitary activity. Words have to be placed, and paint has to go from brush to substrate, which only happens when the work is attended to with focus.

In all of my years as an artist and writer, one of the hardest areas for me to grasp has been that while art gets created alone, the forging of pathways for artists to support themselves from that solitary work is very much a group activity.

For example, if you write a book, it stands to reason you may want to publish – which then involves groups such as literary agents, book publishers, marketing promoters, book sellers, and the like. Visual artists look to galleries, museums, and found spaces to exhibit their work.

Every single one of us becomes piece of this intricate networking community for the artists and writers we love. And since you are reading this, it stands to reason that you have enjoyed the output provided to you by Whispering Prairie Press.

So, we are asking our community–our supporters–to help us identify places where you might like to see issues of Kansas City Voices made available for purchase locally. Are there any associates, specific stores, online sites you have to recommend or connect us with? Tell us the places that may be searching for local voices and flavor. Help become a matchmaker for your favorite writers and strong support networks.

Our primary focus for this upcoming year is to strengthen our community of supporters so that Whispering Prairie Press may be able to continue to offer the high quality content you have come to appreciate. Help us deliver Kansas City Voices directly into the hands of our local supporters by reaching out to



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