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Whispering Prairie Press is pleased to announce the new Executive Board for 2016. We wish to thank Jen Wewers, Janet Sunderland, and Jessica Conoley for their continued support and contribution to the board as we welcome Mark Sheaves, Hannah Chow, Ken Buch, Erika Zeitz, and Edwin Frownfelter to the team.

We begin a new chapter, and each individual’s valuable experience and expertise across the fields of art, writing, technology, and community involvement will direct Whispering Prairie Press and Kansas City Voices in our mission for the current year.

Our mission is to support established artists, inspire new voices, and contribute to the growing cultural conversation.

is it safe to buy Clomiphene online Jen Wewers, President. Her jovial attitude and tireless passion for the arts has made her a trailblazer for our organization. We are grateful to have her serve as our President.

I have worked for 20 years as a nonprofit fundraiser. I have never before seen a board so committed and willing to work hard to serve the mission of the organization northward .              

Janet Sunderland, Vice-President. She’s attentive to the needs of the board and to her continued success as an executive board scout. Many community volunteers claim to be participants with Whispering Prairie Press because they are members of the “Janet Sunderland fan club.”

I expect the best from myself and I often push others to be the best they can be.

Jessica Conoley, Treasurer. As our former president, Jessica has been a champion and a fearless leader. Her straightforward approach to the organization compels community members to contribute to the arts in Kansas City. Although she has passed along the presidential baton, as Treasurer, she continues to be an essential member.

I’m a tell it like it is kind of person and that comes through in my writing, even when I’m creating an alternate universe.

Although we say goodbye to Annie Raab, former Secretary, as she grows into her writing life and a residency in Morocco, please say hello to Mark Sheaves, Hannah Chow, Ken Buch, Erika Zeitz, and Edwin Frownfelter. As we prepare for the next phase, we look forward to their input and expert opinions.

Mark Sheaves is captivated by the magic of the plains and prairies and dedicated to supporting Whispering Prairie Press through his passion for literature and history.

People are empowered when they speak in unison, so I like the idea of bringing these diverse stories together in a place that represents the city we all call home. Each voice representing an unique jewel glistening together in the golden crown of Kansas City.

Hannah Chow is a writer, journalist, wife, mother, and avid reader. Her experience with magazine writing makes her a valuable asset to this organization.

I am so excited to surround myself with such noteworthy and capable people. It’s a privilege to be on the Executive Board at Whispering Prairie Press.

Ken Buch has worked in the IT field for 20 years before coming to Whispering Prairie Press. His expertise with technology and experience as an artist, playwright, poet, and writer makes him invaluable.

I am very impressed with Kansas City Voices and want to be involved with the organization that puts together such a great magazine.

Erika Zeitz brings her business and copywriting experience to Whispering Prairie Press. As a self proclaimed “severe editor,” Zeitz believes editing is necessary to service what needs to be said and what the writer working to get across.

I like Kansas City Voices. It’s evolved into a world-class publication and it’s an honor to be able to help it grow.

Edwin Frownfelter is a writer and a lawyer in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. His professionalism, community involvement, and passion for the arts will undeniably help as Whispering Prairie Press grows.

I try to bring humor to most of what I do. My short stories are often designed around a twist.

– Hannah Chow

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