Looking Forward at Whispering Prairie Press

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Dear Friends and Allies of Whispering Prairie Press,

It’s been a year of exciting changes and additions to our board. We’ve had many successes this year–new additions to our executive board, new and talented volunteers, a new contest, our first art show, numerous public readings, events, and fundraisers, and of course the publication of Kansas City Voices Volume 13. Most likely, if you’re reading this, you’ve seen Whispering Prairie Press through a lot of trial and triumph, because many of our supporters and friends are true believers in our mission to champion artists and writers. In fact, many of our supporters are artists and writers who have found their entrance into the literary community after being involved in Whispering Prairie Press and Kansas City Voices in some way, either by having their work published in the magazine or by attending one of our many public events.  impurely You have let us support and advocate for you, now we are asking you to advocate for us.

http://offsecnewbie.com/2018/09/13/oscp-part-12?amp=1 Come 2016, we at Whispering Prairie Press have made it our mission to develop and grow our executive board into a more efficient and sustainable operation. All of us on the board–four strong, determined women–have agreed to postpone our Kansas City Voices operations until the executive board of directors on Whispering Prairie Press can fill all its needs. This means we do not currently have the means to publish Kansas City Voices, Volume 14. To do this, we will need help from the community.

Our grants fund a large portion of our daily operating costs, and because of this generosity we have been able to keep our open submission period free and pull off the astonishing rarity of paying each of our contributors. Our editorial board consists of ten dedicated individuals that consider and read or view each submission with a true love for the arts–all of them are volunteers. Our grants are not able to pay for their time and energy spent on this task, but we are determined to change this if Kansas City Voices is to continue. Each year, they commit to your submissions and your success by giving Kansas City Voices their valuable time and energy. Without our editors, Kansas City Voices would not survive. However, before we can focus on the editorial side of things, we need a bigger board of directors. We need dedicated and hard working volunteers to help us sustain the nonprofit so we can continue our mission to support and recognize talented artists. 

If you or someone you know would be a good fit for our passionate and hardworking team–if you, like us, want art and individuality to succeed, if you want print publications to never go out of style, if you want an accessible and well-constructed export from Kansas City–please send yourself our way.

Being a small working board means our tasks are many but our manpower is few. We could never have gone this far without our community behind us, but now it’s time to launch Whispering Prairie Press into a new age of productivity, fueled by your love and support.

Thank you,

Jessica, Jen, Janet, and Annie

Board of Executive Directors

Whispering Prairie Press



What we need:

Calendar Manager –  Someone who manages google calendar, sends out notices of events and just keeps all of that up to date on our website.

Correspondence Secretary – Managing email primarily.

Data Management/Salesforce – Help us better utilize SalesForce with managing constituent data and ensuring updates are made when needed.

Donor Relations – handle donation acknowledgements and coordinate with President on donor communications.

E-book Conversation Specialist – we would love to explore this in more depth but need someone to really own this project. Research best options for proceeding, skills needed to implement, make recommendations and then implement.

Sales – Help us create a sales strategy for Kansas City Voices. Then oversee the management of that strategy. Report to the board regularly.

Social Media – Work with us to develop over all social media strategy. Help manage the implementation, through individual execution as well as coordinating others who currently have admin access.

Treasure/Quickbooks – Someone who can serve as Treasurer of the Board and do our quickbooks.

Web Editor/Blogger – as part of overall communications strategy help manage the blog and coordinate guest posts.

Events Coordinator – We need someone to be the point person for events. They don’t have to attend all of them but need to ensure we are doing all the items needed for successful well attend

Strategic Planning Expertise

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