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Road Trip! (July 11th)

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can i buy clomid over the counter in south africa No, this isn’t a college-aged rite of passage. It’s a reading at Pioneer Bluffs! Join the Kansas City Voices team at this scenic event space for a day of poetry and rolling Kansas Flint Hills. Matfield Green is truly a one-of-its-kind place in Kansas, and a perfect distance away for a Saturday day trip. Roy J. Beckemeyer and Kimberly Beer… Read more »

Submissions Now Open!

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Witney Send us your ART, PROSE, and POETRY to be considered for Volume 13! Here are some important reminders to help you when submitting: -DO NOT send us documents with identifying information! Name, phone number, location…all of that should be OFF the document! -DO have your word count (for prose) or your line count (for poetry) written on the top of… Read more »

Volume 12 Launch Party

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Sunday, October 26th 2014, 4-5:30pm Come celebrate the 12th volume of Kansas City Voices with our contributors, staff, friends, and supporters. Join us at the Kansas City library, Plaza branch (downstairs and follow the hall the way down to the room at the very east end of the building, you can take the elevator or stairs). Anita Ofokansi, Jeff Tigchelaar,… Read more »

Alan Proctor at CCMWG

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A great chance to hear the one of KCV’s editors present his work: Alan Proctor (Kansas City Voices Editor and Poet) will present at the Columbia Missouri Writers Guild at Unity Center (1600 West Broadway). Join him on October 18th from 8:30am-4:00pm. Other presenters include Mary Horner, Linda Rodrigeuz, Mary-Lane Kamberg, Gerado Mena, and Terry Allen. For prices and more… Read more »

Meet the Staff–Editor Reading @ Uptown Arts Bar

This Friday, January 24th 2014, our editorial staff will each take 10 minutes to read their own work to you. If you’ve ever wondered who’s in charge of reading and accepting your submissions, here’s a chance to get to know them! Event takes place from 7-9pm at the Uptown Arts Bar (38th and Broadway, across from the theater) in Kansas… Read more »

"Rite of Spring" by Stella Robbins–Guest Blogger

Rite of Spring She’s driving in the dream of dawn,    heading west,       following the moon;    her window down, her mouth round with song    about her son,       a dog          and a shooting star. With luck, the mountains by noon, the Napa Valley around sunset, in time to climb a hill    crowned with oaks where… Read more »

"SKINLESS NIGHT" by Dylan Gilbert*–Guest Blogger

We’re surrounded by darkness and opium is in the air – just breathing it in, the balmy Manhattan night, creates a floating feeling contrary to dizziness. Backs propped against the asphalt slant at the edge of the roof, merging into the vast skyline. 46th Street bustling below, but me and Leila in solitude with the upper city, lit up and… Read more »

"Watching Dracula With My Daughter" by Joe Benevento–Guest Blogger

The Lugosi one, from the early ’30’s: hardly any blood, Renfield’s eyes crazier than the idea of a living dead, Mina not any more grateful to be rescued from the Count than she should be. I send my younger two off to play, mostly so my wife won’t blame me for five year old Claire’s nightmares, but Maria, twelve, stays… Read more »

"One Doggone Good Ghost Story" by Marilee Aufdenkamp–Guest Blogger

“Do you believe in ghosts?” my friend asks over espresso and biscotti at our favorite indie coffee shop. “As a matter of fact,” I say, lowering my voice and fixing my eyes on hers, “right after I graduated from nursing school, I lived in a creepy old house with a sagging porch, and I had an even creepier landlord who… Read more »