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“The Knob” by Judith Bader Jones––Guest Blogger

Anaheim “The Knob”            For Michael On left over days I go to your room, grasp the knob on your door. to feel something of you cupped in my hand, left molded in metal, chilled by the still resigned in the silence held in this knob the touch of your hand.          The Light in Ordinary Things, Fearless Poetry Series, Vol…. Read more »

"Don’t Call Me Grandma" by Jan Duncan-O’Neal––Guest Blogger* Don’t Call Me Grandma Mom Rose pinned up the straps  of her slinky black nightgown when I slipped it on one summer night to dance around her long living room. “I don’t look old enough to be your grandma,” she winked, poured me Coca Cola in a fluted wine glass, told me stories about her tippling days spent in a… Read more »

"Changing Seasons" by Polly Swafford––Guest Blogger

Writing Haiku  Watching for a haiku moment is a real joy. Japanese haiku, which I like to emulate, includes two images in juxtaposition often with a reference to the seasons or nature. Each poem needs to leave the reader with a “moment of ah.” The following sequence is from my chap book Early Freeze, 2010, Finishing Line Press.  Changing Seasons… Read more »

Hope to see you on Sunday.

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If you don’t have plans this Sunday come out and enjoy the talents of: John Peterson, Alarie Tennille, Lisa Daly, and Jack Kline at Naomi’s Hallmark. Kansas City Voices has scheduled a reading from 4-6 pm at the largest Hallmark store in the US.  (Not only do you get to hear some great literature you can also save a little… Read more »

Featured Talent: Alarie Tennille at Naomi’s Hallmark 9/11/2011

Éléphants Nageurs     by Alarie Tennille The camera man shoots up at the feet of elephants swimming by.  On their faces joy and surprise that the burden of gravity has been lifted. Their trunks curl upward snorkeling air and waving hallelujah like a gospel choir. The program is in French, but no translation is needed. Nor could any language… Read more »

Featured Talent: John Peterson at Naomi’s Hallmark 9/11/2011

Metaphysics and the Extension Service   by John Peterson You let the bluegills have their way, said Mrs. Becker, the county extension agent, you give them everything bluegills want, and you’ll have a lot of bluegills. Oh, you’ll have a lot of bluegills. There won’t be any size to them. You won’t have fun catching them. No, she said, to… Read more »

Join Kansas City Voices at Naomi’s Hallmark. Sunday, September 11, 2011 4-6 pm

What’s more Kansas City then Hallmark?  Hallmark plus Kansas City Voices. Naomi’s Hallmark is opening their doors to the public for a reading featuring talent from Kansas City Voices on Sunday, September 11–from 4-6 pm. Come out and enjoy the talents of: John Peterson, Alarie Tennille, Lisa Daly, and Jack Kline. Be sure to check out the largest Hallmark store… Read more »

Featured Talent: Peg Nichols at the Webster House 8/25/2011

“Goodbye, Walker”     by Peg Nichols  Today my left shoulder began to complain about all the work it has to do.  I never expected shirking from another body part. I thought we were all in the struggle together.  Is this a telegraph message from left arm to right knee? Quit depending on me To push your walker around. ––Despite her… Read more »

Join Kansas City Voices at the Webster House. Thursday, August 25, 2011 6 pm

We have a great reading scheduled from 6-7 pm on Thursday, August 25, 2011.  Come join us at the Webster House and marvel at the talents of: Anne Baber, Judith Bader Jones, Peg Nichols and Jason Preu. Learn more about Webster House by clicking here.   Hope to see you there.