Online Reading A Success!

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Some of the April online reading contributors:
Jose Faus, Lindsey Weishar, Piper Abernathy, Brittany Smart, KS Poet Laureate
Huascar Medina, Jermaine Thompson, Mary Silwance, Riley Voth, John Herold Whispering Prairie Press was very pleased with our first online reading, April 26th, to help us celebrate National Poetry Month! Through the experience, we regained a sense of community and comradery that feels a little challenging to find while isolated at home. We were very moved by all the poems and the music that brought us to places of reflection, joy, sadness and understanding. Artistic expression is important to maintain during these times, to keep us light and keep us steady. We are grateful to all those who participated. Please check back here soon for individual clips from the reading.

Thank you!

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