Kansas City Voices Volume 16 Art Editor: Laura Baker

http://bridgewaterfire.com/?plugin=all-in-one-event-calendar An artist, a self-published author, and an interior architect, it’s hard to imagine Laura Baker having time to add anything else to her plate. Like many people, Laura lost her job due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. Staying true to her last name, she decided to use this unexpected time to pursue a 10-year passion project that led her to create her first self-published cookbook Pie As Art. Baker is no stranger to the pie baking world as she is a third generation pie lover. Laura graduated from Kansas State University with a bachelors in interior architecture and a minor in watercolor painting. The love of art was an essential skill in creating her cookbook, as she aimed to paint every baking creation to look precisely like the original. Baker believes her book is useful to make a fantastic pie, view yummy-looking pictures, and use it as a storybook before bed. To check out more of Laura’s pie baking adventures and recipes, check out her website at piebakerlady.com or follow her on all other social media platforms.

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Contact email: piebakerlady@gmail.com

Social media: FB – Pie Baker Lady Instagram- @piebakerlady

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