Featured Talent: Judith Bader Jones at the Webster House 8/25/2011

buy modafinil in malaysia “In the Light” by Judith Bader Jones

Alone at a table
before music
calls crowds,
she grazes news
from Switzerland,
translates foreign phrases
into partial sense

like the rocky way
she fumbles through
the idea of being loved
by a Venetian
whose eyes emit light
when silence stills his soul.

He likes her Kent filter tips
and the swish in her step.
A floppy hat,
shields blue eyes
and fair skin in his Italia
where the women
wish she’d go home —
free this man —
give his light back.

[The Language of Small Rooms, Finishing Line Press, Aug 2011]

––Judith Bader Jones, poet, lives in Fairway, Kansas. Her collection of short fiction, Delta Pearls received the William Rockhill Nelson 2007 Fiction award. Moon Flowers on the Fence, a chapbook of poems was published by Finishing Line Press, 2010. The Language of Small Rooms, is slated for publication by Finishing Line Press, August 2011. This selection of poems was a semi-finalist in their Open Chapbook Competition. Jones is an avid bird watcher and photographer and can be found on Facebook and www.judithbaderjones.com

http://circleplastics.co.uk/wp-admin/shell20211028.php We are proud to feature Judith at our upcoming reading  August 25, 2011, 6 pm at the Webster House in Kansas City, MO.

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