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"Burying" by Jack Kline––Guest Blogger Three weeks ago today, we euthanized my daughter Rebecca’s old paint mare, Lady. She was over a hundred human years so she lived a full life. Lady’s coat was beige with a hint of rust and she carried haphazard white splotches as if someone had stood back and flung a bucket of house paint on her. Her mane and tail… Read more »

"Accident" by Ann Otto––Guest Blogger

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Rivera I’m sitting in the swing on my grandparents’ front porch on Bannister Road in south Kansas City. My toes tap against the concrete floor to push the swing back and forth as I sip sweet iced tea, count the cars that go by — 50 — 100 – 150 – and watch for the shiny black Mercury coupe that will… Read more »

Hope to see you on Sunday.

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If you don’t have plans this Sunday come out and enjoy the talents of: John Peterson, Alarie Tennille, Lisa Daly, and Jack Kline at Naomi’s Hallmark. Kansas City Voices has scheduled a reading from 4-6 pm at the largest Hallmark store in the US.  (Not only do you get to hear some great literature you can also save a little… Read more »

Featured Talent: Jack Kline at Naomi’s Hallmark 9/11/2011

Frost and Fire (especially the latter) by Jack Kline My ancient Ford tractor lies dead in the pasture. I need it to finish the pasture mowing and for some light grading around our new garage. It won’t start. I’ve coaxed and cussed and fiddled and it won’t start. In keeping with Mr. Murphy’s Law, it sits far from shade and… Read more »

"An Elephant’s Eye" by Christina Pacosz––Guest Blogger

(Excerpt from a nonfiction manuscript in progress.) “She wanted to go into the corn,” I would write decades later, forgetting the night my sister and I had done just that. We had walked into the July corn tall as an elephant’s eye – with apologies to Oscar Hammerstein – fireflies electrifying the green gloom, and parted rustling cornrows until we… Read more »

Congratulations to Lawrence and Suella Walsh on the release of "Bridge"

One of the great things about being a small press is you get to know the writers you work with.  As we approach our 10th year Whispering Prairie Press has seen many of our past board members, editors, and contributors move on to great things.  Larry and Suella Walsh have supported Kansas City Voices from the very beginning. We wanted… Read more »

Join Kansas City Voices at Naomi’s Hallmark. Sunday, September 11, 2011 4-6 pm

What’s more Kansas City then Hallmark?  Hallmark plus Kansas City Voices. Naomi’s Hallmark is opening their doors to the public for a reading featuring talent from Kansas City Voices on Sunday, September 11–from 4-6 pm. Come out and enjoy the talents of: John Peterson, Alarie Tennille, Lisa Daly, and Jack Kline. Be sure to check out the largest Hallmark store… Read more »

Join Kansas City Voices at the Webster House. Thursday, August 25, 2011 6 pm

We have a great reading scheduled from 6-7 pm on Thursday, August 25, 2011.  Come join us at the Webster House and marvel at the talents of: Anne Baber, Judith Bader Jones, Peg Nichols and Jason Preu. Learn more about Webster House by clicking here.   Hope to see you there.

"The Mystery of Jerome" by Sally Jadlow––Guest Blogger

“God, how do I know you’re real?” Caleb asked as he stared into the dark night sky. He was at that stage of young adulthood between knowing about Jesus, but not yet trusting Him for his everyday guidance. A few days later Caleb was at work at his usual spot at a call center. He felt something wasn’t right. The… Read more »