Congratulations to Lawrence and Suella Walsh on the release of "Bridge"

One of the great things about being a small press is you get to know the writers you work with.  As we approach our 10th year Whispering Prairie Press has seen many of our past board members, editors, and contributors move on to great things.  Larry and Suella Walsh have supported Kansas City Voices from the very beginning.

We wanted to take a moment to thank Larry & Suella for the contributions to Kansas City Voices over the years and congratulate them on the release of their 11th novel–  Boysun Bridge.

About buy provigil cheap Bridge:
Brian Donaldson is born into a world of violence. His parents are murdered when he is seven, and he spends the rest of his childhood under an assumed identity, in hiding. Samantha Dolan Brown is born into magic. She learns at an early age that she has mystical powers, but behind this gift is something dark, something hidden. The villain, Enos Jubal, lives to kill. He has been conjured from the past and is tasked by a shadowy organization to hunt down and kill Brian and gain control of Samantha. 

As Brian and Samantha learn more about themselves, they conclude that they have lived before and are two parts of an intricate plan—an age-old plan. Something of grave significance is about to happen, and only they have the power to stop it. Together they must face the killer, uncover a secret society, control the forces of nature, and discover the meaning of the bridge. Can they accomplish so much?

Samantha knows her powers are strong, but something tells her Brian is the key to unlock her true potential. It is more than a romance. It is the hand of fate, the call of destiny.

––Lawrence and Suella Walsh,, taught writing classes at Johnson County Community College for twenty years and edited novels for Goldminds Publications for five years. They are frequent contributors to Writers’ Journal Magazine, providing articles on how-to-write fiction. They have presented at twenty writers’ conferences and in addition, have taken five-minutes pitches for Goldminds Publications at the Oklahoma Writers’ Conference and the Missouri Writers’ Guild Conference. They are the founding editors of Red Herring Mystery Magazine and Kansas City Voices Magazine. In 2007, they received the honor of being nominated for the Excellence in the Arts Award in Kansas; only five nominees were chosen. Currently they are under contract with Mid-Continent Public Libraries to provide writing workshops for the 29 libraries in their system. Fiction is the love of their lives, and Bridge is their eleventh published book.

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