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Have you ever seen a 100 pound catfish?

Prado Rolland Love, former editor of Kansas City Voices, presents “Lewis & Clark’s Silas Goodrich, Expert Fisherman” at The FISHTANK theater during the Fringe Festival July 19, 20, 21, 22.  You’re sure to hear something exciting and different when Rolland tells the stories at the Black Box Theater.  Learn more at:

Stella Robbins – Guest Blogger

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South Lake Tahoe A Pride of Women My daughter bends down, stoops to scoop me up and hug me when she comes to visit, as if I were the child. How can this be? In my mind I am not small; in my mind I am a lioness padding the earth, shoulders rippling with untamed power, my cubs gamboling behind me. What does… Read more »

"Rite of Spring" by Stella Robbins–Guest Blogger

Rite of Spring She’s driving in the dream of dawn,    heading west,       following the moon;    her window down, her mouth round with song    about her son,       a dog          and a shooting star. With luck, the mountains by noon, the Napa Valley around sunset, in time to climb a hill    crowned with oaks where… Read more »

"SKINLESS NIGHT" by Dylan Gilbert*–Guest Blogger

We’re surrounded by darkness and opium is in the air – just breathing it in, the balmy Manhattan night, creates a floating feeling contrary to dizziness. Backs propped against the asphalt slant at the edge of the roof, merging into the vast skyline. 46th Street bustling below, but me and Leila in solitude with the upper city, lit up and… Read more »

"Mount Blackburn, Wrangell Mountain Range, Alaska" by Judy Beyer–Guest Blogger

This oil painting was done from a photograph Judy took of Mount Blackburn, part of the Wrangell Mountain Range, during our trip to Alaska in August of 2010.  The original work is an 11 x 14 Oil on Canvas Panel. –Judy works with a variety of mediums with a focus on landscapes and portraits of children and animals.  We are… Read more »

"Watching Dracula With My Daughter" by Joe Benevento–Guest Blogger

The Lugosi one, from the early ’30’s: hardly any blood, Renfield’s eyes crazier than the idea of a living dead, Mina not any more grateful to be rescued from the Count than she should be. I send my younger two off to play, mostly so my wife won’t blame me for five year old Claire’s nightmares, but Maria, twelve, stays… Read more »

"One Doggone Good Ghost Story" by Marilee Aufdenkamp–Guest Blogger

“Do you believe in ghosts?” my friend asks over espresso and biscotti at our favorite indie coffee shop. “As a matter of fact,” I say, lowering my voice and fixing my eyes on hers, “right after I graduated from nursing school, I lived in a creepy old house with a sagging porch, and I had an even creepier landlord who… Read more »

“Savannah Road” by Erica L. Williams–Guest Blogger

The following is an excerpt from Erica’s novel-in-progress The day after the accident, the evening news reported about a young college kid found on Savannah Road, the victim of a presumable hit and run. “It’s a miracle he’s still alive,” said Alicia Summers, the modish reporter, a former patient. She came to me for counseling after discovering her husband was… Read more »

"Teresa of Avila" by Celia Smith–Guest Blogger

  Celia Smith is a graduate of the University of Madrid, Spain. She sketches from nature and people, and composes paintings that tell stories, or impart feelings or ideas. — You may find more info about artist Celia Smith at: You may see more of her art in Volume 9 of Kansas City Voices.  Order your copy today at… Read more »

"Christmastime in South Florida" by Ethan Denault–Guest Blogger

“I’ve always liked Christmas,” she said, hanging the last string of lights on the dying sago palm tree, “It’s the only holiday that makes a girl feel like a woman.” He had no idea what she meant. Overhead the sky was that south Florida blood-orange, the color it always was just before the sun fell beneath the horizon. He stood… Read more »