"The Mystery of Jerome" by Sally Jadlow––Guest Blogger

Fethiye “God, how do I know you’re real?” Caleb asked as he stared into the dark night sky. He was at that stage of young adulthood between knowing about Jesus, but not yet trusting Him for his everyday guidance.

A few days later Caleb was at work at his usual spot at a call center. He felt something wasn’t right. The longer he sat, the more nauseated he became. Finally, he left his desk and stumbled to the employee bathroom. Hours later, he woke up in the hospital.

One of the paramedics came to visit him. “Boy, if it hadn’t been for Jerome you would have been a gonner.”

Caleb scowled. “What do you mean?”

“Jerome came in the bathroom and found you having a grand mal seizure on the floor. He knew what to do. He rolled you on your side, called us at 9-1-1, and stayed with you till we got there. He told us everything that had happened.”

Caleb had no recollection of the events the paramedics described, nor of Jerome. He made a mental note to look for Jerome when he was well enough to go back to work. But first, the doctors had to find the cause of the seizure.

After several days of tests, the doctors determined Caleb had a brain tumor. It had to come out. Several weeks later, the pathology report came back. Stage 3-Astrocytoma. He underwent radiation and chemotherapy for months but he didn’t forget Jerome.

Finally Caleb recovered enough to return to work. He asked several people if they knew an employee named Jerome. He knew Jerome had to be an employee because the call center didn’t allow customers in the employee restroom or work areas.

His search netted him nothing. As a last-ditch effort, he went to the Human Resources Director and asked where he could find Jerome.

“Jerome?” She gave Caleb a puzzled look. “We don’t have an employee by the name of Jerome.”

“Maybe he worked here several months ago. About the time I got sick.”

She shook her head. “We’ve never had a Jerome work here.”

It was then that Caleb knew God had sent His angel, Jerome, to save his life. He said a silent prayer to thank God for revealing Himself in an unmistakable way.

––Sally Jadlow is the author of God’s Little Miracle Book and The Late Sooner.  Learn more at
http://godslittlemiraclebook.blogspot.com/ and TheLateSooner.com

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