"Rite of Spring" by Stella Robbins–Guest Blogger

neurontin and methadone Rite of Spring

She’s driving in the dream of dawn,
   heading west,
      following the moon;
   her window down,
her mouth round with song
   about her son,
      a dog
         and a shooting star.
With luck, the mountains by noon,
the Napa Valley around sunset,
in time to climb a hill
   crowned with oaks
where the dog’s bones now rest
   in perfect peace.
Before she sleeps,
she will shoot a mother’s prayers
    toward a star
      that has tailed her
   all the way from Kansas.
In the morning
she’ll head for San Leandro;
her son doesn’t know she’s on the road,
that she’s coming to bake him a cake
and sing him a song
   about a dog,
      a boy
         and a shooting star.
In the dream of dawn,
   in a car heading west
      with the window down,
she pictures how she and her boy
will walk the Bay,
shooting the breeze, telling tales
   about the dog,
their minds rippling with bright thoughts,
their faces bright with the ripple
   of stars shooting
      over dark water.
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Stella Robbins paints and writes from Topeka, Kansas. She is a published poet and illustrator with a home studio: stellart47.blogspot.com

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