WPP Creativity Writing Conference-Speaker: Susan Peters

We can’t wait for Susan Peters poetry workshop at this years Writers Conference. (July 23, 2011 at the KU Edwards Campus) Susan’s “Formal Poetry: Not Quite Dead Yet” session will focus on pantoums, villanelles, sonnets, and other poetry that uses specific rhyme and rhythm patterns. Susan Whitley Peters grew up in Lawrence and returned to Kansas in 2006 after working… Read more »

"The Spider’s Cento" by Lois Marie Harrod––Guest Blogger

A door just opened on a street–– it launch’d forth filament, filament, filament, out of itself  as one opponent calling out checkmate    an hour past midnight.  Meanwhile back at the branch, the long-awaited return of the cardinal, St. Francis in the iris bed, snow making a little cap for his stony head, the sparse grass beneath naked trees since… Read more »

WPP Creativity Writing Conference-Speaker: Bob Chrisman

We can’t wait to see you at this year’s writer’s conference. Bob Chrisman’s presentation on “Rules for Fiction” will help you fine tune your creative skills. In Bob’s own words “Once upon a time a middle-aged man left his government job and took up writing real fiction. He lived happily ever after. The End.” Bob writes fiction and memoir. His… Read more »