Featured Talent: Judith Bader Jones at the Webster House 8/25/2011

buy isotretinoin pharmacy “In the Light” by Judith Bader Jones Alone at a table before music calls crowds, she grazes news from Switzerland, translates foreign phrases into partial sense like the rocky way she fumbles through the idea of being loved by a Venetian whose eyes emit light when silence stills his soul. He likes her Kent filter tips and the swish in… Read more »

“The Collection” by Judith Bader Jones––Guest Blogger

On sleepless nights as swallows circle barns and oval raindrops rattle tin roofs, I enumerate old lovers — men I hoped would love more than the turn of my youthful curves, men who sleep now in beds far from alfalfa, levee roads and the girl who rode a horse until she tamed the fury in his step, pulled the reins… Read more »

"Contemplation" by Judith Bader Jones––Guest Blogger

I sit on the patio balance thoughts on the moment. Life bears down, counts out my days, but I will come again, like a gardenia’s scent, travel in the air or blossom — on the fence a moon flower — one light in the night. Moon Flowers on the Fence, Finishing Line Press ––Judith Bader Jones, poet, lives in Fairway,… Read more »

"NO MORE ROOM FOR ENGLISH PROFESSORS" by Catherine Rankovic––Guest Blogger

  I saw the last of them: Men of little flesh, they faded like pages and at last became paper, and one or two, painted in oils, were hung among their books. They taught the use of The Readers Guide to Periodical Literature, taught The Canterbury Tales from thirty-year-old notes, sent us to study manuscripts on microfiche, and took sabbaticals,… Read more »

"Spring in Love" by Dave Malone––Guest Blogger

Trees bloom our town into being. Forsythia crown our elbows in gold and redbuds lance our eyes. The hulking sheriff blows kisses to ladies aged past his own grandmother, and you take your shirt off in the yard until I kiss the last snowy remnants of your skin into last week. When a thunderboomer piles in, your rake your teeth… Read more »

WPP Creativity Writing Conference-Speaker: Sally Jadlow

Sally Jadlow will help you learn key secrets to write selling inspirational essays at our Writers Conference Saturday July 23, 2011. Be sure to bring your memories, pen, and paper, so we can share together in her “How to Write Inspirational Essays”workshop. Sally Jadlow serves on the board of the Heart of America Christian Writers’ Network. Her latest book is… Read more »

"The Mystery of Jerome" by Sally Jadlow––Guest Blogger

“God, how do I know you’re real?” Caleb asked as he stared into the dark night sky. He was at that stage of young adulthood between knowing about Jesus, but not yet trusting Him for his everyday guidance. A few days later Caleb was at work at his usual spot at a call center. He felt something wasn’t right. The… Read more »

WPP Creativity Writing Conference-Speaker: Erin York

Saturday, July 23, 2011 Erin York will lead you on an informational journey in her workshop “Blogging: The Basics and Beyond”.  We hope you will join us at the KU Edwards Campus for this years Writers Conference. At fourteen, Erin received her first paid publication. Now, a few years wiser, she has gone on to garner more than 65 awards… Read more »

"The Wait." by Ethan Denault––Guest Blogger

It was late fall when the clouds came in from the mountains, and brought the rain that scattered the tourists and forced the shopkeepers to unfurl awnings and open the umbrella’s out on the patio overlooking the piazza. “You should seek cover,” the headwaiter said, turning to the old man sitting in the wicker chair in front of the Hotel… Read more »