Meet the Kansas City Voices Editorial Staff-Annie Raab

purchase stromectol Annie Raab joined the magazine in 2013. She has been taking her writing seriously since 2010, when she was pursuing her education at the Kansas City Art Institute, and more seriously every year since. She graduated KCAI in 2012 with a BFA and double major in Sculpture and Creative Writing. Her writings have been published in The Bookends Review, Kawsmouth, alice blue review, The Bohemian, KC Studio, and more.

Annie writes and resides in a treehouse in Kansas City. You can follow her writings at

**Annie joining the staff was an unexpected surprise, and we couldn’t be happier with how things turned out.  She brings a new perspective to the prose department.  Don’t let the glasses fool you, she may look librarian-esque, but she has strong opinions and isn’t afraid to fight for a good piece.

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