2014 WPP Annual Contest Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s contest. We saw some really great work this year, and it made our judges’ jobs very tough.  The contest is also one of our biggest fundraisers throughout the year and your participation is integral to the publication of Kansas City Voices.

Congratulations to all of the talented writers and artists!



Spinster’s Claw – Claire Brankin


George  – Johne Richardson


The Other Side  – Cynthia Bjorn

Honorable Mention

Angel of the Trees – Richard Disney

Flash Fiction


K in the Dirt – Craig Workman


Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Carly Colombero


Das Leben ist Gut – Marilee Aufdenkamp

Honorable Mention

My Merry Widower – Robert Mundy

Complaint Line – Beau Ahrens

Dead Spider Curl – Chip Houser

Churned Earth – Chip Houser



Mentor – Jeffrey Schneider


Ghost House – Laura Ruth Loomis


A Faded Photo from the Seventies – Eve Ott

Honorable Mention

Well-Heeled Life – Dee Dee Chumley

Broccoli Dance – Susanna Solomon



Bridges and Doors (A Sestina) –  Lee Ann Russell


Who Says Neatness Counts? – Lee Ann Russell


Floating Like Undiscovered Continents –  Anita Ofokansi

Honorable Mention

Letting Go: A Cento – Teresa Sutton

Ruby – Roy Beckemeyer

Hails from Corpus Christi – Jose Araguz

Setting Up A Fender Rhodes Seventy-Three – Ken Eberhart

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2 Responses to 2014 WPP Annual Contest Results

  1. Heart-felt congratulations to all the winners and honorable mentions — well done!

  2. Lee Ann Russell says:

    I am totally surprised and thrilled, and it is nice to win with two entirely different poems and forms. Who said poetry is dead? Thanks for helping keep poetry alive and well.

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