Head over to our community page and check out imaStory

cytotec without prescription WP Press is a volunteer organization, and one of the best thing about the Press is learning about what all of our volunteers are working on.  Over ten years we’ve had our editors and writers evolve in many different directions, and our community page is a place where we highlight the many projects and talents of people and organizations we work with.

http://sargeantstudios.net/?p=87 Rolland Love worked with us for many years, and over the past few years he has brought imaStory which is featured on www.imastory.com to life. ImaStory is a free interactive program that helps people write their own unique Life Stories. It takes the arduous task of writing and breaks it down into manageable steps so anyone can capture their tales. In addition to adults writing stories the Imastory website helps children interview and write the life history of their parents and grandparents. An educator lesson plan and questions the young folks can ask are included. You can make writing a private experience or create a community to share your work through a co-author feature.  Rolland’s hard work and pioneering attitude will make sure many peoples stories are shared that may have gone unheard without this helpful tool. Go to http://ozarkstories.com/ to learn more.

2 thoughts on “Head over to our community page and check out imaStory

    1. whisperprairie Post author

      I’m about as far from a web wizard as possibly imaginable, but I am glad we can help promote such a great tool with ImAStory.


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