Featured Talent: Judith Bader Jones at the Webster House 8/25/2011

isotretinoin online no prescription and overnight “In the Light” by Judith Bader Jones

Alone at a table
before music
calls crowds,
she grazes news
from Switzerland,
translates foreign phrases
into partial sense

like the rocky way
she fumbles through
the idea of being loved
by a Venetian
whose eyes emit light
when silence stills his soul.

He likes her Kent filter tips
and the swish in her step.
A floppy hat,
shields blue eyes
and fair skin in his Italia
where the women
wish she’d go home —
free this man —
give his light back.

[The Language of Small Rooms, Finishing Line Press, Aug 2011]

––Judith Bader Jones, poet, lives in Fairway, Kansas. Her collection of short fiction, Delta Pearls received the William Rockhill Nelson 2007 Fiction award. Moon Flowers on the Fence, a chapbook of poems was published by Finishing Line Press, 2010. The Language of Small Rooms, is slated for publication by Finishing Line Press, August 2011. This selection of poems was a semi-finalist in their Open Chapbook Competition. Jones is an avid bird watcher and photographer and can be found on Facebook and www.judithbaderjones.com

order Lyrica from canada We are proud to feature Judith at our upcoming reading  August 25, 2011, 6 pm at the Webster House in Kansas City, MO.

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