"Don’t Call Me Grandma" by Jan Duncan-O’Neal––Guest Blogger*

http://drrickforbus.com/tag/behavior-assessments Don’t Call Me Grandma

Chiplūn Mom Rose pinned up the straps 

of her slinky black nightgown
when I slipped it on
one summer night
to dance around
her long living room.

“I don’t look old enough
to be your grandma,”
she winked,
poured me Coca Cola
in a fluted wine glass,

told me stories
about her tippling days
spent in a speakeasy.

I only half believed this true—
but Mom Rose could charm
the skin right off a fox
to wear over her white shoulders.

One Saturday noon
she took me nightclubbing,
ordered Shirley Temples, flashed
her Mrs.Gotrocks diamond ring,
hinted it was the gift from
her Personal Dentist.

At ten,
even I knew dentists didn’t give just anybody
prizes like that for being a good girl
in the dentist’s chair.

*This poem was originally published in The Mid-America Poetry Review, Volume VI, No. 1
––Jan Duncan-O’Neal is an editor for I-70 Review.  Her chapbook Voices: Lost and Found will be published by The Lives You Touch Publications, autumn 2011.  Her poems have appeared in such journals as Coal City Review, The Mid-America Poetry Review, Kansas City Voices, I-70 Review, and Touch: The Journal of Healing.   Check out her biography and announcement for her chapbook on www.thelivesyoutouch.com under the heading “New 2011 Chapbook Publications Schedule.

We are thankful of Jan’s support over the years.  Not only has she served on the board of Whispering Prairie Press, she has contributed to Kansas City Voices.  You can check out her work in Volume 7.  Order your issue today for only $5 at http://www.kansascityvoices.com/05subscriptions/backissues.shtml

1 thought on “"Don’t Call Me Grandma" by Jan Duncan-O’Neal––Guest Blogger*

  1. Anonymous

    >I trust part of this is true — I had a very placid grandmother, but my aunt was the one full of surprises, never quite knew what to expect next from her. Thanks for sharing. Peg Nichols (if I have to post as anonymous).


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