"Changing Seasons" by Polly Swafford––Guest Blogger

cenforce antibiotic purchase Writing Haiku 

Watching for a haiku moment is a real joy. Japanese haiku, which I like to emulate, includes two images in juxtaposition often with a reference to the seasons or nature. Each poem needs to leave the reader with a “moment of ah.”

The following sequence is from my chap book Early Freeze, 2010, Finishing Line Press. buy clomid online reviews  

buy liquid isotretinoin Changing Seasons
                       (Haiku Sequence)

on my knees
planting sunflower seeds—
earth worm awakens 

whippoorwill’s call floats
through the window 

red leaves fall
black birds chatter
in the corn field 

icy streets—
clearing to-do piles
from my desk

––Polly Swafford writes haiku, creative non-fiction and memoir. Her chapbook, Early Freeze, is available at Amazon.com and at Rainy Day Books.

Her award-winning works have been published in Acorn, Bogg, Frogpond, Horse & Rider, Kansas City Voices, Mennonite Magazine, Mid-America Poetry Review, Modern Haiku, Ozark Mountaineer, The Best Times, The Kansas City Star, The Same, Thorny Locust, and the anthologies Water and Rock, Loose Change and A Travel-Worn Satchel.

We were proud to feature Polly in Volume 4 of Kansas City Voices.  Her writing is so good, we sold out of Volume 4!  Be sure to check out other other past volumes on sale for just $5 at http://www.kansascityvoices.com/05subscriptions/subscribe.shtml

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