Bob Chrisman Stories-We Can’t Forget You, But We Sure Do Miss You.

Ciudad Miguel Alemán Many of you knew our poetry editor, and multiple time contributor to past issues Robert T. Chrisman. What some of you may not know is that Bob passed away last Friday. The shock hasn’t yet worn off, and we’re missing him like mad already. Bob Chrisman knew how to tell a hell of a story, and now we want to hear your Bob Stories. This isn’t just for his writer friends it’s for all of his friends, so help us get the word out because we want everyone who can and wants to be there to know about this.

Join us on Thursday, July 25 from 9:30-11:30 am at the Country Club Christian Church Solarium to share your best Bob Stories.

We’re looking for stories that:

1) Bob wrote. Come read one of his stories you’ve squirreled away in your piles of papers. I bet at least a few of his friend’s haven’t heard the one you have. A few of the people who come to this thing may not even have known Bob was a writer, and I don’t know if you can say your life is complete until you’ve heard a twisty turny Bob Chrisman story or poem that is possibly more than a little irreverent.

2) Stories about Bob. You don’t have to write it down, you can just stand up and tell it. My guess is we’ll be laughing so hard we’ll start crying, and then the laughing will start again.

3) A story you wrote, in the style of Bob. This is a hard one. You know how Bob could write a story that made you laugh, but had heartbreak at the center? Or how he could take extremes and push them past absurdity back to the point of plausible? Not an easy task, but a good one to try. So maybe you sit down to write a story and ask yourself “What would Bob write?”, bring that one. He would have liked that. (I know because one time I wrote a story that he quite enjoyed and he said “Jessica, this is like something I would write.” And I had thought the very same thing when I wrote it.)

If you want to read or tell a story please keep in mind our limited time frame. We’ll see how many people have stories to share on Thursday and figure out a time limit for readers.

If you don’t want to read or speak that’s okay too. Come remember Bob with us. We know you’ll never forget him.

The event on 7/25 centers around Bob’s stories and writing, but on Sunday, August 4, 2013 Bob’s Friends have planned a Celebration of Life Service at 3:30 P.M. Feel free to come to both events.

The Celebration of Life  Service will be held at:
All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church
4501 Walnut Street
Kansas City, MO 64111
(across from the Kemper Museum)


ps Country Club Christian Church is located at: 6101 Ward Pkwy Kansas City, MO 64113 and the Solarium is on the top floor. Take the elevator up and the Solarium is the big room directly in front of you when you exit the elevator.


1 thought on “Bob Chrisman Stories-We Can’t Forget You, But We Sure Do Miss You.

  1. valorie wells fenton

    Like so many of we word-folks, I am shocked to imagine we will never hear Bob’s hilariously acid asides to Mary-Lane or Deb’s announcements.
    Bob, I hope to see you saving me a seat on that train to Beyond when my ticket arrives.


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