And the winners are…

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Whispering Prairie Press 2011 Writing Awards
1st  Place  Melissa Grossman, Simi Valley, CA.                     “Driving Home”
2nd Place  Sheri Pattillo, Kerrville, TX.                                    “When It All Slipped Out”
3rd Place  Stacy Post, Danville, IN.                                         “Surviving the Eclipse”
Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order, not ranked)
Jim Barton, Huttig, AR.                                 “A Letter to Mr. Van Gogh:  Sunflowers”
Valerie Brown-Kuchera, Quinter, KS.           “Graphology of My Loves”
Susan Carman, Overland Park, KS.                “Silent Witness”
Linda Joyce Clements, Kennesaw, GA.         “The Choir”
Donna Coffey, Waleska, GA.                        “Playing Orphan”
Elizabeth Drewry, Landrum, SC.                   “At the DMV”
Gail Eisenhart, Belleville, IL                          “Fall-tering”
Geneva King Emerson, Smithville, AR.         “Changing Mood”
Patricia Frolander, Sundance, WY.                “The Granery”
Patricia Frolander, Sundance, WY.                “Saying Goodbye to Daddy”
Patricia Frolander, Sundance, WY.                “The Last Ride”
Melissa Grossman, Simi Valley, CA.              “Morning Paper”
Robin Hellard, Batavia, IL.                            “Stranded Fist”
Carolyn Hoppe, Kansas City, MO.                 “How”
Thomas Quinn Kumpf, Boulder, CO.             “Fall of Wishes”
Patricia A. Laster, Benton, AR.                      “Window Weights”
Patricia A. Laster, Benton, AR.                      “The Unraveling”
Ellaraine Lockie, Sunnyvale, CA.                   “Airing Dirty Laundry”
Catherine Wald, Mohegan Lake, NY.            “Big Rabbit Drive Sunday:  Bring Clubs”
Thelma Zirkelback, Houston, TX.                  “End and Beginning”
1st  Place  Leslie Tucker, Landrum, SC.          “Reunion”
2nd Place  JLSchneider, Ellenville, NY.          “The Bridge”
3rd Place  Cheryl L. Sears, Portland, OR.       “The Amputee Hamster”
Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order, not ranked)
Joan Brown, Steilacoom, WA.                       “The ‘Stress’ Room”
Shannon Cavanaugh, Folly Beach, SC.          “Death on a Creek Bank”
Yolanda DeLoach, Wausau, WI.                    “A Time for Solitude”
Yolanda DeLoach, Wausau, WI.                    “Planting Seeds in the Old House”
Gerry Rita Di Gesu, West Chatham, MA.      “Wind Chimes”
Sylvia Forbes, Fayette, MO.                           “Grandma’s Daylilies”
Norm Ledgin, Stanley, KS.                            “It’s Ten P.M.”
Karen Nelson, Kissee Mills, MO.                   “An Ozarks’ Perspective”
Linda Ruhle, Worland, WY.                          “Welcome Change”
Don Scheer, Boynton Beach, FL.                   “Twinkle, Twinkle”
Flash Fiction
1st  Place  JLSchneider, Ellenville, NY.          “The Taste of Dreams”
2nd Place  Susan Varno, Dolph, AR.               “Pop-up Dreams”
3rd Place  Jane P. Hill, Hilton Head, SC.        “No Time Like the Present”
Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order, not ranked)
Jim Barton, Huttig, AR.                                 “Siren Song”
Earl Belcher, Cave City, AR.                         “A Routine Interrupted”
Robert T. Chrisman, Kansas City, MO.          “Gas Attack”
Yolanda DeLoach, Wausau, WI.                    “No Strings Attached”
Fred Farris, Leawood, KS.                             “Mischief Reef”
Russell Gayer, Fayetteville, AR.                    “Much Nothing About Ado”
Nancy Hartney, Fayetteville, AR.                  “A Birth Song”
Eileen Krause, Cabot, AR.                             “The Grass Is Always Greener”
Louise Kantro, Modesto, CA.                        “Teamwork”
Kathryn Lay, Arlington, TX.                          “Electricity”
Leslie McIntyre, Arlington, VA.“To the Indian Woman at the Charles de Gaulle Airport”
Susanna Solomon, San Anselmo, CA.            “Ready for the Grave”
Doyle Suit, St. Charles, MO.                          “Footlog Over a Flood”
Robert Sweeten, Seneca, MO.                        “Revelation”

Dawn Wisniewski, Bonduel, WI.                   “The Critic”

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